Senso Tempered Glass protects your mobile phone from scratches and other damage with premium tempered glass to ensure durability. The glass is antifingerprint, which helps to prevent oils from collecting and reduces fingerprints.The temperede glass has a 9H resistance,the maximum in the scale, it absorbs impacts and resist knocks and drops.


Better application means better protection.It is very easy to install, the installation process takes less than 30 seconds.

9H Hardness

Its resistance is 9H, the highest in the scale.It absorbs impacts and resist knocks and drops.

Ultra thin

Its 0.3 mm thickness ensures great sensitivity while maintaining all the features of the display.

perfect fit

Designed and tailored to fit each phone screen precisely.


Senso Tempered Glass extensively tested using optometric standards and provides the same visual experience as the device itself.


Senso Tempered glass has been engineered with fingerprint and oil resistance to help keep the screen feeling clean, and looking clear.


The superior material is touchscreen sensitive and offers better user-experience.

Rounded fit design

Protective glass leaves a small open area around the screen to enable the installation of slim cases


When it comes to touch screens, nothing tops the functionality, feel and clarity of glass. The surface hardness increased to 9H which is 4 times of the PET films on the market.

Easy installation

Installation progress is now easier than ever. Center the glass protector on the device and it will adhere automatically with a finger swipe.