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About US

"We are passionate about mobile accessories."

Senso Team
Senso was created in 2016. In fact, the brand “Senso” was created to satisfy at best costumers’ needs valuing at first their expectations.
Senso offers an exclusive range of high protection accessories for the most demanding consumers. Beside the careful study of the products, even the packaging is of great importance to ensure maximum appeal to the customer , because the First impressions are the most lasting.


This short video will give you an overview of Senso products.

  • 1. Clear view blister
  • 2. Hanger
  • 3. Unique label for every model
  • 5. Braille (used by people who are blind).
  • 6. All languages support
  • 7. Easy open

    Senso hopes to Create happy customers and a richer variety of products. We study the trends, habits and expectations of the consumer to buy products that they’ll love. This includes focusing on size, shapes, materials and colours that will attract and bond with the user.


    View our catalog by clicking the button. To view our catalog you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

    Why Choose Us?

    Quality Products

    Senso offers a range with continuous product updates that respect the user requirements on design and function. Senso Products meet all European standards, certifications CE, accompanied with 24months guarantee.


    We always trying to find out the fastest way for deliver our products. Our full range of products and our rich collection of stock make us a dynamic growing company in the field of telecommunication equipment.

    immediate delivery

    We tried hard for Senso' Zero Distance products movement, which aims to get as close as it can to customer needs. We're glad to inform you that we deliver our products all around the world.

    We love Mobile Accessories

    We are passionate with technology. Through efforts, Senso hopes to Create happy customers and a richer variety of products.

    We’re responsible

    We are committed to meeting high standards of corporate governance and aim to impove the relationship between the Costumers and us.

    We're Friendly

    Feel free to ask any questions about Us. Our customers support is here to help you with anything you need.


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